Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The King Lives On

images: mykromag
In a tribute to the King of Pop, Mykromag staged a photoshoot at Jackson's public memorial at the Staples Center in L.A. The photos share both the power and energy that Michael fueled into the world as well as the glamour and influence of his costumes on the fashion scene. What I find most interesting in these photos is the distinction between the planned and natural environment--while it is obvious that the model is planted in the scene, the chaos of the memorial creates a very different energy, really expressing the life celebrated at this occasion.
Rather than saying two goodbyes in a row, I'd rather choose to believe that this life will forever be celebrated into eternity.


Isabel said...

Gorgeous pictures. The shots are amazing.


Isabel said...

Thanks for the visit! I actually got those heels from Nordstrom Rack.


Mlle said...

cool pics!

Stephani Bryant said...

Great blog! Looking forward to reading more!
-Steph B

Angie said...

love this. black and white pictures always speak to me. will miss him forever. thanks or these amazing images.
angie xoxo

TheDreamer said...

Vive les sequins, right?:)
Btw, nice blog you have here!
Keep on the good job:)



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