Tuesday, July 28, 2009


image: wildfox

After working long days on the computer and sharing a long string of "welcome back" posts, I've found myself extremely exhausted! Sunday I attended the 2nd Annual San Francisco Fashion Awards and promised myself I'd immediately share all of my photos of the event...exhaustion won that battle. SO, instead I procrastinate yet another day and share with you this photo from wildfox that has me absolutely captivated. How about SF Fashion Awards tomorrow? That's a date!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Back Part 8

first image: spinearth
First weekend back in town, SPINearth hosted one of their LIVE & LOCAL performances with Ra Ra Riot as a follow up to the band's show with Death Cab For Cutie the night before at Berkeley's Greek Theater. Bright and early on a Sunday morning, loyal fans and the SPINearth crew gathered together for a fun and intimate breakfast picnic/performance in foggy Golden Gate Park.
After the show, I headed over back to my side of the Bay and grubbed on some deee-lic-ious fried chicken salad, strawberry shortcake and frozen lemonade at Bakesale Betty's. Oh my. These pictures do absolutely zero justice to the deliciousness that is Bakesale Betty's. If you ever get the chance to stroll down to North Oakland, pretty please check out this amazing shop. It's impossible to miss: their signature mark is the vintage ironing boards lining the street, each "table" occupied by loyal and happy customers. You will not be disappointed.

Welcome Back Part 7

Back in the Bay. Not too happy to have left beautiful Paris, shortly after arriving home we found ourselves seeking some good fun at Noc Noc, a chill but eclectic bar in Lower Haight. Here are just a few random photos.

Welcome Back Part 6

Here's a few pictures from the Paris Pride Parade out of the many pictures I took--it was just too much fun, how could I not go a little cam-crazy?
The boyf and I were randomly strolling around Paris on our way to the Jardin du Luxembourg when all of a sudden we noticed little groups of people forming in the streets. As we kept walking we realized that there were a few police officers and started thinking that maybe there had been some horrible incident or something, then suddenly...electro music starts blasting from who knows where and a troup of bikers came cruisin' down the street. At this point I am confused out of my mind. Following the growing crowd-lined streets buses, vans and all sorts of people came marching down the street in totally organized madness. Watch out SF, Paris might be the next big Pride town!
By the end of the day and lots of beer later, we found ourselves finally at the park and plopped down in some chairs, so pardon my exhausted expression.
Shorts: F21 T-Shirt: Homme H&M

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Back Part 5

Some really cool water sculptures in front of the Centre Pompidou

Each time I've come to Paris there is always something new going on in front of their city hall. This time, they had installed a beautiful garden complete with lounge chairs for our enjoyment. One late night (say, 4.30am) while waiting around for the metro to open up, the boyf and I found ourselves quite at home on said lounge chairs. Too exhausted to pry our eyes open any longer, I finally caved in and hailed down a taxi. Best 25 euros I've ever spent.
Cute Parisian style.

C'est moi! Apparently the Spainish are quite limited in their beer selection (3 brews only, ahem) so I quickly clung onto anything better I could find while in Paris!

Coming home from day one of summer sales. H&M practically pays you to take things home! However, the previously mentioned fresh bread made properly fitting clothes rather hard to find. Amen for American gyms!

Oh, and bags of delicious chips without tons of salt made the waistline a tad wider, too!
I realize I have strayed slightly on my normal topics of discussion, but I feel ever so inclined to fill you in on my whereabouts for the last month or so. That said, more will surely come! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome Back Part 4

Just walking around the Jardin des Tuileries with the boyf on a beautiful, sunny Parisian day. Still learning the about the gazillion features on the new cam cam, these pictures didn't come out as clear as planned, but hey! It's all a matter of time, right?

Strange story: these shoes originally had two ankle straps but somehow I managed to lose one strap from each shoe while wandering around in Spain one night. Mind you, these shoes are pretty tricky to get on and once you do, they are not coming off. Such a mystery. Tried walking around sans an ankle strap this day...quickly decided that I need to order a new pair. Quickly.
Dress, Shoes, Belt, Jacket: F21

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back Part 3

V. cool splattered paint Oxfords I saw while waiting in line at Musee d'Orsay

Before going to the museum, feeling famished despite the fresh, yes I said fresh, loaf of bread my aunt made every morning for breakfast, yes I said every morning, we grabbed some lunch at a restaurant nearby.

A v. typical meal at French restaurants--roasted chicken and french fries. Sooo good. I tried to take the picture before I took a bite...didn't work out so well. Remember, I said famished.

My Funny Face moment strolling down the Champs-Elysee.
Pants: Mom's Sweater: Random Tank: Wet Seal Belt: F21 Shoes: UO

Welcome Back Part 2

After leaving Madrid, we headed up north 5 hours and visited Leon. A small but beautiful and historic town made for an adventurous few days. Above are the quaint streets of Leon. In the middle of a tree-lined street was an amazingly accurate and detailed model of the entire town. Everything here blew me away and got me more and more excited for the quiet streets of my aunt's town outside of Paris.

Welcome Back Part 1

Just what you need after flying for 12 hours. Day one we made good pals with the local bartender at The Dubliner, a local Irish pub.

While roaming the street in the late night/early morning hours in Madrid, we stumbled upon this mime who was full of love (for just about everyone)!

Just before going home for siesta the boyf found joined an impromptu futbol game with some local kids.

Admiring the breathtaking Spanish architecture.

Ready to devour some Abuelos, our favorite shrimp restaurant in Madrid. We averaged this place about 3 times a day, cross my heart. They ended up giving us loads of free vino!
WELCOME BACK to me! It's been over a month since my last post and although the reality of being home again is quickly soaking in, I must say I'm ready to get back to dirtylaundry! In the last month and a half I've kept myself very busy traveling to beautiful places, interning at an amazing development from the creators of SPIN Magazine and exploring some good ol' Bay Area finds all the while trying to operate the new cam cam.
Following will be some of the pictures taken while I've been away from the blogging world.


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