Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Back Part 5

Some really cool water sculptures in front of the Centre Pompidou

Each time I've come to Paris there is always something new going on in front of their city hall. This time, they had installed a beautiful garden complete with lounge chairs for our enjoyment. One late night (say, 4.30am) while waiting around for the metro to open up, the boyf and I found ourselves quite at home on said lounge chairs. Too exhausted to pry our eyes open any longer, I finally caved in and hailed down a taxi. Best 25 euros I've ever spent.
Cute Parisian style.

C'est moi! Apparently the Spainish are quite limited in their beer selection (3 brews only, ahem) so I quickly clung onto anything better I could find while in Paris!

Coming home from day one of summer sales. H&M practically pays you to take things home! However, the previously mentioned fresh bread made properly fitting clothes rather hard to find. Amen for American gyms!

Oh, and bags of delicious chips without tons of salt made the waistline a tad wider, too!
I realize I have strayed slightly on my normal topics of discussion, but I feel ever so inclined to fill you in on my whereabouts for the last month or so. That said, more will surely come! Enjoy!

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Ashley said...

I love Paris..great photos!!


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