Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Next in Line

images: interviewmagazine
When I was five years old my mom and I plopped on the couch for our Friday night pizza and a movie and she put on My Fair Lady. From that instant on, I was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. I spent each Friday after that scouring Blockbuster to find a new Audrey film I had yet to see. I learned every song, every line until I had Audrey down. Still to this day classic movie stills hang in my closet to inspire me with her quirky grace and poise.
When I was seven years old my mom and I plopped on the couch for our Friday night pizza and a movie and she put on The Professional. Surely I was too young to see such a film, but I suppose she didn't mind too much. That was when I first saw Natalie Portman. She was maybe 12 years old, skinny and lanky with a dark brown bob--just like me! I thought she was the epitome of cool.
As time as passed, I've seen more and more correlations between these two actresses leaving me to the conclusion that Natalie Portman is the closest thing we'll ever have to another Audrey Hepburn. Now, you may care to disagree, but I think that together, these women represent the essence of classy cool.

On a completely different note, I am looking to add some new features to Dirty Laundry so stay tuned! Until then, you can check out s'more DL here.


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

LOVE Natalie Portman, cool blog! x

5thandsweet said...

Oh wow.. Its Natalie Portman! I love her in these photos =)


Ashley said...

Such a beautiful, talented and grounded actress.


Cindy said...

she looks so beautiful in these. i have had the pleasure of meeting this lady and she is super tiny in person just like i imagined audrey to have been. and although she was very dressed down and had her short hair then you can tell that with her bone structure and perfect skin she is a stunner.

i adored her in the professional too.

Mlle said...

I adore Audrey Hepburn too. I want to be just like her!! And I also love Natalie Portman. The Professional was the first movie I saw her in as well...and have loved her since then. sigh. I'd love to be as classy as both of them

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of your aunt.


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