Friday, December 11, 2009

BARE Magazine i6

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez: BARE Managing Director with Jordan Silver: BARE Creative Director

Jordan with Nancy Kim: BARE Market Director

me and John Kim: BARE Editor-in-Chief

Brittany Curran: BARE Blogger

Had to sneak in a shot with the boyf

Me and Jordan

BARE Model

And after the event was over, the fun continued with mustaches and homemade masks...

Can't wait til next issue!


Brittany said...

Oh no, I've been spotted! No longer the one behind the camera.

Jordan said...

YAYYYYYYY love love love, thanks for dealing with my red eye

Catherine said...


Blonde Chicette said...

thanks so much for the comment!
what a fun event.


Samantha said...

lol @Brittany. Um, everyone looks super FIERRRRCE. Am I mistaken or is that A HARNESS I SEE??

FashionJazz said...

oooh super stylish party!!! Luv ur pics!!


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