Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back: 2010's Best-Dressed

images: style.com
I am a seriously sentimental kind of girl. Moving out of an apartment, taking old clothes to the thrift shop, flipping through childhood photos - it can all bring on the tears! The end of the year is no different. Each New Year I am faced with the fact that another year has passed and I get a bit weepy-eyed about the good times that have occurred. But since there's not a thing one can do, eventually we embrace the changing times. Tommy Ton took a look through the stylistic wonders of 2010 and came up with a list that no one could argue with. Above are my favorites...Mirsolava is always a favorite of mine, Shala already dropped my jaw with this photo earlier this year and ADR is unstoppable. 
What are some of your favorite fashion memories from 2010?

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