Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Calm After the Storm

Despite my unwavering love for the season, Christmastime, I'm learning, becomes increasingly stressful (& decreasingly cheery) the older you get. Once growing up and being out on your own you must suddenly figure out how to fulfill all those familial expectations that your mom used to do for you! Oh the tragedy. However, I managed to glide (nearly) seamlessly through the past few days and squeezed in some holiday cheer at the same time!
I awoke Thursday morning to a new pair of Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans, the entire Twilight series and a delicious scarf knit by my mom.

Although I chose to skip out on the real traumatic stress of day-after-Christmas shopping, I did manage to pick up some cuuute black fringe sandals for my up and coming trip to Oahu (my gift to the boyf)!

Hope everyone survived the holiday as well as I!

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