Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa, I Can Explain...

Browsing around on one of my fav sites, fabsugar, I've decided it's time to start my Christmas list. A cheapie but goodie, this fab Rio Exotic Clutch from Forever 21 will help glam up any outfit. Plus, with the cute chain straps, I won't have to worry about leaving it somewhere when I've had too much adult egg nog...

I absolutely love this recycled zipper dress from Phillip Lim's Spring Collection. Not only is it 100% environmentally friendly but it is a fun variation to the simple LBD. According to fabsugar, the recycled version was made specifically for Miss Bosworth but hey, I recycle and use canvas totes for my groceries--it's okay if I let up just a tad for this cute thang, right?
Although this is a man's watch, I think I could totally rock the weight of this Micheal Kors Chronograph Gold Watch. It's totally elegant and refined. If this ends up under my tree, I will never take it off. Promise.

(All photos from fabsugar)

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