Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...And It's Monday...

images: fashiongonerogue
Natalia Vodianova/Vogue UK February

Though I am aware that I have no right to complain, I will do so anyways. It's freeeezing. Well, California-freezing. My hands are numb, my toes are blue and goosebumps have permanently inhabited my entire body. Winter has always been my favorite time of year (quite possibly because it never gets too cold in the Bay Area) and the Tahoe snow is just three hours away...but for some reason I am not doing so well in even our mildest wintery weather.
Hello, steaming hot bubble bath! Here I come!

2 comments: said...

such inspiring pictures! ♡

Amanda Lalique said...

wow GORGEOUS images!!!!


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