Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comment T'Appelles-Tu?

images: jessiecraig
It's a slow moving day and I'm feeling like relaxing. Listening to my Morcheeba Pandora mix, halfway cleaning the house, halfway reading blogs, completely content in my bathrobe doing absolutely nothing. I'm in a mood but I'm not sure how to describe it or what it's called. That seems to be the case with these portraits from Jessie Craig. The vibe of each subject rings through the photo and makes complete sense...even if it's indescribable. Definitely one of my favorite photographers, Jessie has the power to capture the mood in every single photo.


Katie said...

sounds like a wonderful day :) and these pictures are so lovely!

Lori said...

these are so pretty!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

The first girl is so adorable!! I love all of them! xoxoxo

ALIOMI said...

Great post & great blog! thanks for visiting! Def will start following :)

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