Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 Months Late and Happy About It

images: refusestolabel
Reading Refuses to Label this morning, I feel like I've suddenly gotten some revelation. They were talking about April being the real time to make a New Years resolution, which honestly makes SO much sense. Why should we make resolutions in the middle of the winter cold when we're least inspired to do anything when we can do it in Spring, the season of change? Thank you ladies, you've officially made me feel better about being 4 months late!


A and A said...

Right?! Just can't seem to kick it into high gear until the sun starts peaking out from beneath those thunder clouds and I can strip away the layers! Thank you for the comment darling, glad we could inspire you!


Alex and Amy

thisgirlbeck said...

summer is the best time to start a new beginning and rebirth. I always find my biggest inspirations in the summer. cute blog



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