Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let There Be Legs

 images: fashiongonerouge
Confession: I am not a Ruby Aldridge fan. Everyone seems to love her but I can't seem to find the appeal. After a long, cold winter, I can't tell if it's Ruby or California's hot sun that makes me so in love with this spread from Harper's Bazaar February 2011 but it literally has me aching for warmer days, bare legs and a big green skirt.


Shilpi said...

I love this editorial.. I am feeling yellow and green for spring (not necessarily together).

Great post!



CMB&CCV said...

I think we can get along very well.. hahaha

really nice blog, added to my favorites.
I'm actually beginning with all this stuff... what do you recommend me?
It is necessary to be linked by other bloggers to push up on google?

kisses from spain :)


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