Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Will You Rock A Chanel Tat?

image: themidwasteland
There is no denying the fact that Chanel has had a hold on the fashion world for decades. From classic suits to perfume, bags to jewelry, Chanel has dominated the way we understand fashion and style. March 1st us Chanel die hards can don the precious double Cs on our skin. Although they are temporary, I am undecided on my feelings towards these temp tats. What do you think? Will you rock a Chanel tat?


Anonymous said...

What kind of moron would let their body be used for gratuitous marketing for the rest of their lives?

Ash Fox said...

i love these.. i would rock it as long as there are no chanel logos!


Mlle said...


Mlle said...

well, not a real one, duh.


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