Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Will It Ever End? II

image: wallstreetjournal
Another story to add to the demise of the fashion world is that of the future of the front row.
The front row has always seemed to maintain itself as a sort of dreamland, unattainable to all except for the very spectacular fashion elite. The division between said spectacular somebody's and the rest who wish they were those spectacular somebody's could seem discriminatory, sure. But it allows for a sort of romanticism and yet, order within the fashion community that I am in full support of.
However, it seems that it is now possible to buy yourself into that echelon of fashion society. With companies selling off front row tickets, any "fashion nobody"* can land themselves a seat usually occupied by the fashionably credentialed. Not only is this changing the shape of the fashion show prestige itself, but it is also feeds the notion that fashion is unattainable to those without a silver spoon. As a starving student, I like to think that someday my merits within the industry could get me into that front row. Not the money in my pocket.
What do you think? Is this a pro or con to the future of fashion?

*Though it sounds offensive, I swear it isn't. As of now, I, myself, am a fashion nobody.

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Damsels said...

i think it depends on how you look at it .. in one way it definitely means that only the rich can make it but then again most in the industry front rows are rich .

i agree that it should definitely stay to the priviliged in the industry people instead of only the priviliged in general


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