Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boob Rant: "All My Teensy Ladies"

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I will start off by saying that I approach this show with a total bias.
I have refrained from posting about F/W 2010 collections but I feel like the Louis Vuitton show is worth mentioning. The pieces are wonderful, yes. In fact, they're some of my favorite from all of the collections (I would wear every single one). However, what it is that sticks out to me is the "womanliness" of the models. There is always so much flack given to the industry about using waif-like models, women with silhouettes so tiny that they look like they could snap in half. And I have to agree, that is not what "real" women look like. Some, sure, but definitely not most. Marc Jacobs went a different direction with the Louis Vuitton show--when I heard that there were "fuller" women, I was anxious to see what exactly that meant.
As a tiny breasted woman, I am concerned about this representation of "real" women just as much as that of bone-poking-skin women. What about us ladies that lack in the cleavage department? Bar Refaeli, Adriana Lima...skinny skinny with big boobs. To me, that's just as unattainable as the industry "norm." I can't help but have a sore spot for this idea of womanliness...what about us teensy ladies? Aren't we real women, too?

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