Thursday, September 18, 2008

exercise with a purpose

As part of my new 6-month workout plan I've decided to invest in a few key pieces to make exercising a little easier, not to mention a little cuter! I went to lululemon on College Ave., I had never been there but always wanted to and found some really great things. I found myself a fabulous pair of short shorts that allow me more freedom and range of motion thanks to the stretchy material and thin band around the thigh, plus they have a soft band at the top to decrease any potential lovehandle evidence! Best of all it was on sale from $42 to $34! Then I grabbed a much needed sportsbra thanks to the helpful gals that work there. I explained exactly what I was looking for (black, simple, not too much support--which is surprisingly hard to find anywhere) and she showed me just the thing. While these items are normally out of my price range, I believe it was a necessary investment in furthering my health goals! (It's so easy to lie to yourself when surrounded with cute things!)
Much love to lululemon!

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