Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, please tell me if I'm being some sort of insensitive bitch but currently there is a woman in my work crying (yes, truly crying) because there is a hummingbird flying around our skylight and can't figure out how to fly out. While I feel bad for the bird, I mean it is pretty helpless, I'm not sobbing over it. I figure that eventually it will figure it out, right? This woman has been in the shop for over almost an hour asking me if she can climb on things to get it out (remember I said skylight ie: up high, unreachable. What good is it climbing on our antique couch?) and leave out flowers for it to eat. She also began telling me how the bird reminded her of her father who's death anniversary is today, rather reminiscent of a prior post explaining people's love of telling me their life stories.

I really can't handle people like this. Grab a tissue and get out of the store. Ahh.

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