Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Do.

Looking at my blog, I realize (although not for the first time) that I am ridiculously random. I suppose that was the purpose of this blog, a place for me to put down any random thing that came to my mind but I've realized that I've been editing my thinking when it comes to blog writing. Now if this at all sounds confusing, which I'm sure it may, let me explain...
As previously stated, I am random and do not always have a place to put my randomness. This blog was meant to serve that purpose. However, I have not been doing it justice. I have realized (aren't you loving these revelations?) that I have been holding back from expressing all these random thoughts, for if I were truly letting this blog serve its purpose I would have new posts all the time. My new resolution is to allow this blog to be what I've intended it to be from now on. Whether it be my latest fashion craving, my professors that drive me insane or my thoughts on the weather, I am going to commit to a faithful relationship of blogging. I do!

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