Friday, May 15, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

images: theselby
Having grown up in a house where fairytales meant much more than bedtime stories, fairytales have always held a special meaning for me. They've showed me what love can look like, helped foster my imagination and taught me that dreams can always come true. Sure it sounds cheesy and probably makes me out to be the subject of some psychotherapy study (hehe, can you tell I go to CAL Berkeley?), but truly, I love fairytales. As a child, one of my favorites was Beauty and the Beast because, amongst many, many reasons, Belle was not only beautiful but intelligent and loved the library as much as I did! Since then, I have always dreamed of having a room in my (dream) house dedicated solely as a library. My own personal collection spanning so high towards the ceiling, I'd need a special rolling ladder to reach them all.
These photos from the home of Sofía Achával and Thibault de Montaigu (stylist and author perpectively) remind me of this very dream. Oh, just the thought...

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Mlle said...

I love fairytales aussi. I tend to live my life like I'm in one, which doesn't always work out for the best....hmmm maybe I should get a new strategy...ou pas. je pense pas.


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