Monday, May 4, 2009


image: nytimes
The NY Times online travel section (an absolute fav of mine) decided to show my hometown some love. This thrills me for sure as Oakland is not usual seen as a vacation destination--as its often rough and sometimes unfair reputation gets around--but I must say that it probably could have done a better job. Maybe this will be a future task to take on for myself...hmm. Just a thought.


Cas Ruffin said...

I didn't know you were from Oakland! I read that piece. It looked real...touristy. Oakland has some great places to visit tho.

Tru said...

wow thats pretty cool my town would never been a hot vacation spot though apparently one of the largest tourist destinations is around me...ever heard of the woodbury-commons premiue shopping outlets...not sure why but apparently ppl come from far and wide to visit

g. said...

Tru, where are you from? I have never heard of the Woodbury-Commons but I DO love outlets! hehe. Something I'll have to check out!
Cas, yes it's true. I'm an Oaklander born and raised and proud. Without being toooo biased, Oakland is one of the most amazing places if you let yourself just wander and dismiss the hype surrounding its bad reputation. You're from down south right?


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