Thursday, April 9, 2009

Andy, As Promised

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Leader of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol explored every facet of popular culture and expressed his relation to it through his art. Gaining his inspiration from various musical outlets, Warhol harnessed his influences to help him enter the industry in a variety of ways. His art offered him the ability to perform across a myriad of mediums from music production, film-making, painting, photography...the list goes on! He "adopted" so to speak, The Velvet Underground and fused them with the talent of Nico, he created album covers for many of musics leading legends (The Rolling Stones, John Lennon), made his own television show to showcase new bands, created famous works of celebrities (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe) as well as produced films such as Sleep.

The exhibit at the de Young successful showcases the stages and dimensions of his work and his undeniable influence on popular culture. It is not only an enriching opportunity to explore a culture we are so deeply imbedded in, but also a seriously fun experience (when you see the bed room you'll know what I mean)! It runs through May 17th, but you won't want to delay!

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