Thursday, April 16, 2009

Need Your Help!

image: tigermilk
I am currently taking a course in social media and virtual communities (just now realized I've never really introduced to come maybe? for now, I'm a UC Berkeley Media Studies student) and am conducting a study on online dating. If you would be so lovely as to take this very short survey for me I would appreciate it v. v. much!
Merci beaucoup :)


Cas Ruffin said...

Lol you commented on my blog with quickness. I'm still taking yours in. I didn't even get your name. Is it really Gi?

g. said...

Class was wayyy boring so i had lots of time to snoop around. Liked what i saw v. much by the way! Cheers to you, will def pass your info on! Oh, it's Gina. nice to meet you :)


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