Sunday, April 5, 2009

F**k You Very Much

A few years ago while perusing the racks in a Paris shop, I overheard Lily Allen's voice on the little stereo for the first time...the song, nearly disgustingly sweet with lyrics anything but, totally grabbed my attention (British accents never hurt either). It was like...Brit pop...gone...edgy? So cliché sounding, I know, but its so true. Behind a high pitched voice and sugary melodies, her lyrics are definitely different than those coming out of Britney's mouth.
My sis, a fellow Lily lover, and I went to the Warfield last night to see Lily play with Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (totally new to me, but I think I'm diggin). The show proved absolutely fab--complete with sequined outfits (Lily), wayyy to intense "dancing" spasms (NPSH) and wine filled drunkness (Lily, again).
Was sooo great, just had to share :)


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