Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comfort Food

It is not rare to see food and fashion in close distance to one another and seeing how they are two loves of my life, it is only sensible to post something here. In an attempt to avoid the on and off rain today, me and the boyf headed over to the city to visit the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park for the Andy Warhol exhibit (more to come on that soon). We've developed a little tradition as far as days like this go...hop on over to the de Young for some educational-good-times and then mosey our way over to 9th Street to grub at Park Chow. Defined by their rich and wholesome comfort food and homely, cozy atmosphere they've never failed to provide delicious food and fabulous service.
Although we did order some of their less aesthetically pleasing dishes (plus, pictures don't do taste justice) we left more than satisfied. The boyf dined on their pot-roasted ribs--causing great jealously in me since I'm temporarily off the meat--and I enjoyed the veggie lasagna. Like total pigs, we also shared a big bowl of mac-n-cheese (this is SO seriously good you'd be crazy not to try it!!!) and some Great White's to drink. Deciding we'd completely betrayed the boundaries of a proper sized meal we skipped out on my favorite dessert: waaarm ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream. Ahh.
I can't tell you enough how much I adore this place so I highly suggest you take a trip out to the Sunset and chow down at Park Chow.

ps: wow, I really did it with the bold today...

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