Monday, April 27, 2009

Then There Was Light

image: google?
After months of shopping around for eyeglasses, yes I said months, I think today was my lucky day. Being a shoe gal, shopping for other things can admittedly get really annoying after a while, especially when I actually need something and can't find it. So, in the search for my visionary aids, I stumbled (literally, I was on my way to the Dollar Store--yeah I said it) upon a tiny optometric shop and found some cuuute Gucci glasses . They resemble the one's in the pic above but way will surely follow. The good news doesn't end there, no it doesn't. I not only found one but two v. cute pairs of glasses that will be on the bridge of my nose quite soon! And to top all of this off, thank god for my fab insurance, I saved bucko bucks. All in a good day's work.


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